Rollecate is about a historic steam locomotive, built in 1962 by a famous Dutch engineer. It’s been sitting in storage for the past 5 years and is eager to get rolling again. And the players of this game will make that happen!

In this smart and innovative tile-laying game, players build new tracks for Rollecate to ride on. But Rollecate is very eager and can’t wait to roll, turning this game into an exciting race against the clock. Causing Rollecate to derail is costly, so players have to try and avoid that.

This game combines tile placement, push-your-luck dice rolling and tactical set building mechanics into a swift game that is fun to play for all kinds of players.

The game consists of 55 playing cards and 4 custom dice and a wooden train figure. The Kickstarter edition instead contains a scale 1:87 white metal miniature locomotive.